Pet Pals (2010)

Pet Pals
Original name: Cuccioli: Il codice di Marco Polo
Director: Francesco Manfio, Sergio Manfio
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Writers: Antonio Garrido, Anna Manfio
Cast: Gerolamo Alchieri, Pino Ammendola, Tiziana Avarista
Production: Italy, Spain
Duration: 99 min
Age restrictions: 12

Even in her youth, during magical experiments, falling into the lagoon, the sorceress Crow caused laughter from all the most important wizards, which forever embittered the sorceress. She eventually found a way to get revenge. The weapon will be the spells of the eastern magicians, which the Crow found in the Himalayas. With their help, the villain is going to completely drain the canals of the most beautiful city of Venice. The only ones who are not afraid to fight the dark enchantments are the Animal Squad in the person of Pio the frog, Holly the cat, the Hatter rabbit and the Diva duck. Together, the fearless heroes will find the Marco Polo code, with which it will be possible to find the Venice Palace of Magic and break all the spells of the sorceress Crow.
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