Las aventuras de Don Quijote (2010)

Las aventuras de Don Quijote
Original name: Las aventuras de Don Quijote
Director: Antonio Zurera
Genre: Animation
Writers: Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, Antonio Zurera
Cast: Alfonso Vall?s, Jorge Pons, Pepe Antequera
Production: Spain
Duration: 73 min
Age restrictions: 0

Romance, spirit of adventure, passion for adventure, where is it now? Where has all this vital force gone? Don Quixote often asks this question and it is good that he has a loyal friend Sancho Panse with whom you can discuss this. What can be interesting in our world? Better to read the books, or rather what is left of them. This is how two friends find a library of magic books. These are truly magical books, read any and you will be transported to any of the worlds you read, for example, you will become a partner of the Three Musketeers, a traveler in Wonderland, where Alice got ... Well, or, namely, on this story, friends stopped, you can go with the pirate Silver on a treasure hunt!
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