The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs (2009)

The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs
Original name: O Grilo Feliz e os Insetos Gigantes
Director: Walbercy Ribas, Rafael Ribas
Genre: Animation, Family
Writers: Walbercy Ribas
Cast: Luiz Amorim, Rodrigo Andreatto, Jair Assump???o
Production: Brazil
Duration: 102 min
Age restrictions: 0

Happy Cricket wants to launch a CD and opens a school of music for needy children. Big T, a toad leader of a rap group, also wants to launch a CD to improve his life. However, Petal, a beautiful cricket singer appears and becomes Happy Cricket's beloved and pivot of a musical dispute between Happy Cricket and Big T. They also have to face great adventures against Trambika, the villain who wants to copy and sell their songs illegally
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