Big Space Adventure (2009)

Big Space Adventure
Original name: Mision en Mocland: Una aventura superespacial
Director: Juan Manuel Su??rez, Juanma Su??rez
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Writers: Enrique Fern??ndez Guzm??n, Laura Gamero
Cast: Francisco Cardona, Nonia de la Gala, Antonia de Miguel
Production: USA, Spain
Duration: 85 min
Age restrictions: 12

Planet Mokland is in danger! Her vital energy "Limbar", from which everything is made, from gasoline to soda, is rapidly disappearing! Taking advantage of the situation, the insidious General Neflin seizes power, and Queen Mokland Paula flees in the company of friends: Lalo, Mina, Gobi and Lily. The only way to save Mokland is to find a stone from the rare mineral Alom, long ago lost on one of the distant planets. And now the detachment under the command of the young pilot Lalo sets off on a journey on the royal starship. An incredible adventure begins!
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