De l'autre c??t? du lit (2008)

De l'autre c??t? du lit
Original name: De l'autre c??t? du lit
Director: Pascale Pouzadoux
Genre: Comedy
Writers: Pascale Pouzadoux, Gr?goire Vigneron
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Dany Boon, Antoine Dul???ry, Roland Giraud, Juliette Arnaud, Fran???ois Vincentelli, Arielle S???menoff, Anny Duperey, Gr?goire Vigneron
Production: France
Duration: 93 min
Age restrictions: 18

Ariane and Hugo decide to exchange the lives they lead to escape from their routine, which after ten years of marriage, gives them the feeling of being hamsters in a wheel. She suddenly finds herself at the head of a construction equipment rental company and he tries to take the role of a house calling jewelry salesman...But is life really better when you live it on the other side of the bed?
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