Lord of War (2005)

Lord of War
Original name: Lord of War
Director: Andrew Niccol
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Writers: Andrew Niccol
Cast: Nicholas Cage, Jared Leto, Ethan Hawke, Bridget Moynahan, Ian Holm, Sammi RotibiProduction: USA, France, Germany
Production: France, Germany, USA
Duration: 122 min
Age restrictions: 16

The parents of the Orlov brothers, the elder Yuri and the younger Vitaly, left Ukraine and settled in America, in Brighton Beach, where they opened a small restaurant. The children were not eager to follow in their parental footsteps. Yuri, pondering what to do, came to the conclusion: the most profitable thing is to trade in weapons. Because in a world filled with aggression, weapons are never superfluous. It is needed both by relatives fighting with each other, and by rival gangs, and by warring states. Yuri Orlov, relying on his younger brother Vitaly, is quickly gaining his place under the sun and hopes to soon become the same cool "seller of death" as his idol Simeon Weiss. But the higher Yuri rises, the closer Interpol agent Jack Valentine gets to him ...
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