The Piano Teacher (2001)

The Piano Teacher
Original name: La pianiste
Director: Michael Haneke
Genre: Drama
Writers: Michael Haneke
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Beno???t Magimel, Cornelia K???ndgen, Georg Friedrich, Gerti Drassl
Duration: 131 min
Age restrictions: 18

The professor at the Vienna Conservatory, dry, corrosive, despotic, takes out her own sexual complexes on her students. She is already over forty, but she still only dreams of carnal love. The hysterical alcoholic mother controls almost every step she takes (they even sleep in the same bed). Once or twice a week - at the cost of a domestic scandal - the heroine manages to steal three hours of unsupervised time, which she spends either in a porno sex shop, or in spying on the joys of couples in love in cars, in an open-air cinema. Her psyche, of course, is broken, her physiology groans. And finally, in the nightmare of her lonely life, an admirer appears. And what a real advertising hero - young, athletic, charming, successful, besides, like the pianist herself, a passionate lover and connoisseur of music. The heroine naturally falls in love with him. But what does she, hitherto hermetically existing in the world of beautiful music, know about carnal love? Exactly as much as you can glean about her from deceitful and crude porn films.
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