Rabbit school (2017)

Rabbit school
Original name: Die H?¤schenschule - Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei
Director: Ute von M??nchow-Pohl
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Writers: Katja Gr??bel, Dagmar Rehbinder
Cast: Noah Levi, Senta Berger, Jenny Melina Witez, Friedrich Von Thun, Max Boguth, Leon Seidel
Production: Germany
Duration: 79 min
Age restrictions: 0

Max, a cheeky city rabbit, winds up in an Easter rabbit school where time seems to have stood still. Thanks to training lessons from mysterious Madame Hermione and with the help of cute rabbit girl Emmi, he not only learns about the secret techniques of Easter bunnies but even more about himself when they have to fight a clever fox family that has been scheming to take over Easter.
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