Condorito: The Movie (2018)

Condorito: The Movie
Original name: Condorito: La Pel?cula
Director: Eduardo Schuldt, Alex Orrelle
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Writers: Mart?n Piroyansky, Ishai Ravid
Cast: Omar Chaparro, Jessica Cediel, Cristi???n de la Fuente, Jey Mammon, Coco Legrand
Production: Peru
Duration: 88 min
Age restrictions: 6

Before our eyes is the life of an ordinary condor Grifko. He is madly in love with Kvita and wants to marry her, and the girl herself does not mind. But the beauty's mother does not want to see such a groom - anyone, just not him. He is unlucky, constantly gets into all sorts of stupid situations, and he was given very few brains (if any). And then a local handsome man begins to look after Kvita. And during another attempt by Grifka to persuade his mother to give her daughter for him, this conversation is interrupted by aliens who abduct a woman. They want to take over our planet with an artifact that subjugates every sentient being. It is Grifko who is ready to save the Earth and Kvita's mother, because he is not overloaded with reason. The fate of the Earth is in the hands of this fool.
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