You Shall Not Sleep (2018)

You Shall Not Sleep
Director: Gustavo Hern?ndez
Writers: Juma Fodde, Gustavo Hern?ndez, Ignacio Cucucovich
Cast: Belen Rueda, Eva De Dominici, Natalia de Molina, Germ?n Palacios, Eugenia Tobal, Juan Manuel Guilera, Susana Hornos, Mar?a Zabay, Mar?a Alfonsa Rosso, Joche Rubio
Production: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay
Duration: 106 min
Age restrictions: 16

Bianca Aguilar is a young and promising Buenos Aires' actress who cares of her schizophrenic father Miguel. After to play in Greek tragedy Antigona, she is tempted by Krasso, assistant of the famous dramatist Alma B?hm, to join Insomnes ("Insomniacs"), a stage play that she tried unsuccessfully produce in 1984 after the main actress Marlene renounced in the mid of the stage due to the several days without sleep and each more unstable state mind. Doubting to accept the offer, Bianca is suddenly stalked and stabbed in the left arm by Miguel due to a mind crisis, having forced to intern him in a hospital. Accepting the job, Bianca realizes that her longtime friend and too actress Cecilia is in the cast, and both move to an abandoned psychiatric hospital outside Buenos Aires where they meet Alma and the rest of the cast, Fonzo and Sara. Following Alma's hard instructions, Bianca starts a sleep deprivation process as well as the rest of the cast, looking for inspiration and deep in the ...
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