Malibu Shark Attack (2009)

Malibu Shark Attack
Original name: Malibu Shark Attack
Director: David Lister
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Writers: Keith Shaw (as Lindsay James)
Cast: Renee Bowen, Remi Broadway, Joel Amos Byrnes
Production: Canada, Australia
Duration: 87 min
Age restrictions: 16

A strong earthquake in the coastal zone gives rise to a tsunami, which drives a monstrous wave on the coast of California. At the same time, the same earthquake releases from the bowels of the Earth prehistoric giant sharks, which until then lived in lakes located deep underground. While hungry sharks devour the rest, the rescuer Doug Crenshaw and his men are tasked with saving the population from the vengeful monster fish and the destructive force of the oncoming wave. However, when the wave hits the shore, the killer sharks are where they can be least expected ...
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