Riddles of the Sphinx (2008)

Riddles of the Sphinx
Original name: Riddles of the Sphinx
Director: George Mendeluk
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Writers: Brook Durham, Kevin Leeson
Cast: Dina Meyer, Lochlyn Munro, Mackenzie Gray
Production: Great Britain, Canada
Duration: 89 min
Age restrictions: 12

Karin Parr always considered her father a quiet couch potato, until one day they became aware of the circumstances of her grandfather's death. His death was inextricably linked with the mythical creature that keeps the ancient secrets of Egypt - the Sphinx. Only after that does the father decide to tell his daughter the whole truth about the past and about his work in a secret government unit several years ago. The time has come for decisive action. Armed with everything they need, they travel with their daughter to Cairo to decipher the seven deadly mysteries of the Sphinx. To do this, they will need all their resourcefulness and dexterity, because the Sphinx does not forgive mistakes.
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