The Adventures of Huck Finn (2012)

The Adventures of Huck Finn
Original name: Die Abenteuer des Huck Finn
Director: Hermine Huntgeburth
Genre: Adventure, Family
Writers: Sascha Arango (screenplay), Mark Twain
Cast: Leon Seidel, Andreas Schmidt, Henry H???bchen
Production: Germany
Duration: 105 min
Age restrictions: 0

Based on the classic book by Mark Twain, comes the story of the renowned young rascal: Huckleberry Finn. When Huck sets out on an adventure down the Mississippi River, he comes across a runaway slave named Jim. Inviting him along on his journey, Huck and his new friend encounter an array of trouble when they are detoured by the King and Duke. As the unlikely duo attempt to escape their dwindling fate, Huck must defend Jim's honor and turn away from the life he once knew.
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