Humains (2009)

Original name: Humains
Director: Jacques-Olivier Molon, Pierre-Olivier Thevenin
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Writers: Silvan Boris Schmid, Dominique N?©raud
Cast: Sara Forestier, Lor? nt Deutsch, Dominique Pinon
Production: France, Switzerland
Duration: 90 min
Age restrictions: 16

A French anthropologist professor receives information that a Soviet scientist, even before the Second World War, discovered a Neanderthal skull in the Alps, not 100,000 years old as it should be, but only 300 years old! The scientist died in the crucible of war and everyone forgot about his discovery. The French scientist decides to go on an expedition to the Alps to prove the fact that Neanderthals could survive to this day. On the expedition, he takes his son and his former student. On a mountain road, they pick up a family of tourists traveling in the area and soon get into an accident. The car, breaking the fence, falls into the abyss, the professor dies, and the survivors must find a way out of the gorge into which they fell. The fight against the elements develops into a struggle for survival, when the lost heroes stumble upon Neanderthals, whose lives and peace are guarded by local villagers who abduct women to support their family.
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