Box Office 3D (2011)

Box Office 3D
Original name: Box Office 3D: Il film dei film
Director: Ezio Greggio
Genre: Comedy, Family
Writers: Ezio Greggio, Fausto Brizzi
Cast: Ezio Greggio, Maurizio Mattioli, Enzo Salvi
Production: Italy
Duration: 102 min
Age restrictions: 16

Great parody of the biggest box office hits - "Harry Potter", "The Lord of the Rings", "Avatar", "Twilight", "The Da Vinci Code", "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", "Gladiator", "Zorro", "The Godfather father". Symbol specialist Professor Strong, along with hacker Liz, is busy looking for a painting stolen from the Louvre, which was stolen by a bunch of fans of the artist, who believe that with its help they will reveal the great secret of immortality, the former Centurion Minimus returned home six years after he went to the store for bread and now cannot figure out where he has five young children, Forro broke his knee and can no longer take property from the rich and distribute to the poor, Harry Schwarzpotter received a stake, and Celsion received a two, because she did not come to the headmaster at night, as promised. Vampires are attacking the inhabitants of the planet Avatar, and New York mafiosi cannot figure out who to roll into concrete for killing a boss.
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