Ca$h (II) (2010)

Ca$h (II)
Original name: Ca$h
Director: Stephen Milburn Anderson
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Writers: Stephen Milburn Anderson
Cast: Sean Bean, Chris Hemsworth, Victoria Profeta
Production: USA
Duration: 108 min
Age restrictions: 18

Sam Phelan is incredibly lucky. A suitcase fell on his old car from the overpass. And it turned out to be a huge amount of money - 625 thousand 731 dollars. Small bills. Now he and his wife will finally be able to pay off the loan for the house, buy an expensive car and generally live happily ever after ... But the trouble is the money of the bandits who managed to throw money out of their car at the last minute before being arrested. One bandit is killed, the second is sitting in a cell and awaiting trial. But he has a twin brother who will find anyone and anything! And now the spouses will have to return what they spent - 74,316 dollars and another 47 cents, otherwise they will not be good.
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