A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

A Lonely Place to Die
Original name: A Lonely Place to Die
Director: Julian Gilbey
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Writers: Julian Gilbey
Cast: Melissa George, Karel Roden, Edward Speleers, Sean Harris, Paul Anderson, Matthew Zajac, Stephen McCole
Production: Great Britain
Duration: 99 min
Age restrictions: 16

Five climbers spend the weekend in the Scotland mountains. Having stopped for a halt, they accidentally discover a pipe sticking out of the ground. Starting to dig, they find a girl buried in the ground, whom the pipe allowed to breathe. The girl is frightened and speaks in an incomprehensible language, presumably in the language of one of the former countries of Yugoslavia. They decide to return to the nearest settlement so that the girl can receive medical assistance there. Young people do not suspect that the girl is the daughter of a very large Serbian businessman, kidnapped for ransom, and the hunt for her and them has already begun!
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