The Dream Team (2012)

The Dream Team
Original name: Les seigneurs
Director: Olivier Dahan
Genre: Comedy, Sport
Writers: Olivier Dahan, Philippe De Chauveron, Marc de Chauveron
Cast: Jose Garcia, Omar Sy, Gad Elmaleh, Ramzy Bedia, Joey Starr, Fr?d?rique Bel, Jean Reno, Franck Dubosc, Lo?c Baylacq, Vanessa Guide, S?bastien Libessart, Claudia Tagbo
Production: France
Duration: 97 min
Age restrictions: 0

Patrick Orbera, formerly a successful man in the world of football, is now a character who is down and drunk. However, fate gives him a chance, Patrick is offered, for not so much money, to take part in the football championship, acting as the coach of a seedy team from England. More precisely, French England, and this is a small island where fishermen two hell of a ball will hit. You can get out of the situation only by contacting former friends of football players who are now doing what. Now the footballers, who are already vacationers, revelers and homeless people, will have to remember their skills and help the team of fishermen reach the highest level.
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