Gold (2013)

Original name: Gold
Director: Thomas Arslan
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Western
Writers: Thomas Arslan
Cast: Nina Hoss, Marko Mandic, Peter Kurth
Production: Canada, Germany
Duration: 101 min
Age restrictions: 16

Canada, summer 1898. The height of the Gold Rush. A group of German settlers make their way to the far north towards Dawson. There, on the Klondike, in the recently opened mines, everyone can instantly get rich, you have to walk "only" 2000 kilometers, and then find a gold mine. But the reason to embark on this perilous hike is not only the greed. Journalist Gustav dreams of becoming famous, and cowboy Karl hopes to escape from the pursuit of killers. Only the motives of the cold beauty Emily, enduring the hardships of the journey with iron equanimity, are unclear at first. All these people, who happened to be in the same group, cannot imagine that the goddesses of fate have already begun the inexorable countdown of the last hours of life for most of them ...
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